Why Not Me?

Nonfiction: Humour

Full disclosure: I read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling back in like 2015? I really enjoyed it and was laughing along with the book the whole time!

That’s not what happened with Why Not Me. I decided this would be the perfect nonfiction humour book for my 20in20 challenge. I enjoy MK and figured “let’s do this!”

So, the pros! Her talking about why she makes a great wedding friend date was perfect. I loved her talking about her very short lived friendship with a “very cool girl”, and how she ruined it by getting into an argument with an anti-vaxxer. I enjoy her frankness and her outlooks.

The cons: I didn’t find her stories as fun as the ones in her previous book. I wasn’t as involved and didn’t really feel a connection. She’s super talented. I still enjoy her. I just wasn’t as big into this book.

Ninth House

So starts a new year, so starts some new book challenges! I am using Ninth House for my 20in20, under the Mental Illness category, due to PTSD, and the assumption that our main character is “crazy”. Plus, she really does see ghosts and uses drugs to try and get some reprieve.

I wasn’t sure what I would think of this book. And I am definitely not finished yet (about 3/4s finished), but I wanted to talk about this book, now, so it’s still fresh in my mind. (And, so I force myself to write before the week ends).

Let’s meet Galaxy “Alex”. She sees ghosts. This isn’t a spoiler. She sees them and has seen them her whole life. Not all her interactions with them have been neutral. Eventually she’s found as the lone survivor of a murder scene, and because she sees ghosts, she’s offered a spot at Yale. During the current time line, she’s struggling to keep up with her classes, and learn in her role of Dante (Read the book. It’s explained well.). She’s smart, but because of her past she isn’t easy to get to know.

Darlington (Virgil) isn’t in the current timeline, for reasons that become clear as you read. He is dedicated, talented, smart, and not exactly pleased that his Dante is Alex. Their friendship/working relationship eventually improves. Darlington had a lonely childhood.

There are secret societies and magic. Potions and divination. And Virgil and Dante to make sure the secret societies never do too much harm to keep power and money.

9/10 would recommend the book. My only issue is the timeline jumps in the first couple chapters and a few graphic scenes (one including rape/possible rape). But the two main characters are flushed out, the secondary characters are well done, and you feel like you’re with Alex and/or Darlington.

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My book goals for 2020.

So, in years past I have set a numerical goal of books read. And I have varying success. (Read, I haven’t yet succeeded. This year I came close, but with two jobs the last 2.5 months of the year, I didn’t have much time for reading.)

So… I have chosen two different reading challenges. The first challenge can be found at https://abookwormsmusing.wordpress.com/the-20-in-20-challenge. I will read 10 fiction and 10 nonfiction over 20 different categories. I can read a fiction and nonfiction for one category, or spread it out. I know I will pick one fiction and one nonfiction for crime/true crime. I haven’t thought out all of my books yet, but I am ready to read a Louise Penny book for crime and Billionaire Murders for true crime!

The second challenge I am doing is https://rabbitholeblogger.com/2019/12/24/2020-reading-challenge-overview/ However! I am going to challenge myself to read a book about a genocide that isn’t the Holocaust. Not because that isn’t an important topic, but because I have read a lot of books on that topic. And I was looking at a different challenge that emphasized a war that isn’t WWII.

I will definitely be updating everyone and letting them know how it’s going! ♥️😘

I will probably also be on to talk tea on occasion as well!