My book goals for 2020.

So, in years past I have set a numerical goal of books read. And I have varying success. (Read, I haven’t yet succeeded. This year I came close, but with two jobs the last 2.5 months of the year, I didn’t have much time for reading.)

So… I have chosen two different reading challenges. The first challenge can be found at I will read 10 fiction and 10 nonfiction over 20 different categories. I can read a fiction and nonfiction for one category, or spread it out. I know I will pick one fiction and one nonfiction for crime/true crime. I haven’t thought out all of my books yet, but I am ready to read a Louise Penny book for crime and Billionaire Murders for true crime!

The second challenge I am doing is However! I am going to challenge myself to read a book about a genocide that isn’t the Holocaust. Not because that isn’t an important topic, but because I have read a lot of books on that topic. And I was looking at a different challenge that emphasized a war that isn’t WWII.

I will definitely be updating everyone and letting them know how it’s going! ♥️😘

I will probably also be on to talk tea on occasion as well!

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